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Why Sports?  Why Not?  A Soccer Nut [Re]Considers His Fandom

By Damien Murtagh Hey! I did it! Liverpool football club won their 6th champions league title! June 1 2019- time to celebrate! How fantastic an accomplishment is that for me? I mean it was touch and go yelling at the tv at the Knights of Columbus hall by myself while 22 millionaires kicked a bag of air around a field for 96 minutes. My support ...

08 27 2019

Don’t Listen to Pope Francis like a Secular

If there is one thing we have come to expect from the Francis papacy, it is the frequency of off-the-cuff comments which are predictably misreported by the secular media and feed a certain narrative that creates even more misinformation amongst the general populace. Catholics, being often caught in the middle of the secular frenzy, tend to pick sid...

02 25 2016

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