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Of Statues, Adoration, and Real Things

When I was considering converting to the Catholic Church, I had a hard time getting over the statues.  Yes, the saints slapped on coffee mugs and pumper stickers struck me as at least cheesy, but what was with the Catholics and these statues that they kissed, knelt to, prayed toward, and even dressed for different events?  From my vantage point...

03 18 2021

Adoration Undoes the Sentimentality of Advertising (And Weak Religion)

I turn down silly love songs on the radio for the same reason I turn down advertisements: they too often attempt to bypass the will and intellect and misuse the emotions.  The silly love song, perhaps, is merely overstating some of the feelings of young love to make us feel... whatever.  Advertisements, on the other hand, are deliberately trying ...

01 06 2020

Hearing God’s Voice in the Silence

When I was laid off in 2009 it was devastating. My ego was severely bruised. I went from making a six-figure income at a prestigious law firm to zero in the blink of an eye. I worried about how my wife and I were going to raise two children and pay our mortgage. The next day my wife was off to work and even my children had things to do. They wen...

05 22 2018

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