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Strong Weakness and Focus on the Right Thing

What weakness can make us strong? How can falling into sin strengthen us in the future? Falling into sin (weakness) is a wound to your spiritual self, a deep gash; and, after being wounded comes healing (reconciliation and penance) and tough scar tissue (wisdom from the experience). Scar tissue is stronger than the original, as the experien...

04 01 2021

Does Turning the Other Cheek Equate to Weakness?

In “average” men there is an understandable fear that Christians are weak.  To imitate Jesus, “meek and humble,” is hard enough, but the same Jesus also asks us to turn our cheek when struck.  Not to mention Jesus gave up His life in the end, without a fight – Peter tried but was rebuked. Is the “Christian man”, then, an oxymoron?...

10 23 2018

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