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Finding a True Vocation: What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

At my brother’s graduation at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina back in May, Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama gave an interesting homily in the Commencement Mass regarding vocation. Vocation in modern times has been associated with the call to religious life. But, as Bishop Zarama pointed out, it is not restricted to just the priesthood. It is in ...

08 20 2018

Want to Be Holier? Meditate on Christ’s Words and Deeds Daily

A priest friend of mine says very regularly, “All of us are called to holiness.”  This is a constant call of his, showing up in nearly every sermon, a preaching of a main theme of Vatican Council II.  “Great.  We get it,” I said one day.  “Now tell us what to do.” Men (male and female) are body and soul.  We have a physicality t...

05 03 2018

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