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Fathers: Education is the Initiation of Your Children into Culture

I’ve been working in catechesis for almost twenty years. Anyone involved in religious education can tell you that we have a crisis on our hands. Our programs do not produce adult Catholics or lifelong disciples. Classes about God are not enough to draw our kids into a Christian way of life, following Jesus, and sharing His mission in the world. W...

06 11 2019

Men Wanted for Catechesis

As summer gives way to fall, and especially in the next week or so, the religious education school year starts up once again and the urgent call for Catechists rings out throughout parish communities far and wide from Directors of Religious Education (D.R.E.’s) still scrambling to fill teaching positions. The vast majority of religious education ...

09 06 2018

The Talk: Make It an Ongoing Conversation

As rules of some kind, the following things stand out in my memory from my youth: I was never to ride on a motorcycle. If I ever ended up in handcuffs, I’d be spending at least one night in a cell before help arrived. Sex outside of marriage is wrong. I never thought of those “rules” as linked in any way, but they were obviously...

03 16 2018

Relativism and Devices Are Dulling Your Kids’ Minds

As a high school theology teacher, I witness a lack of student engagement. They want an “A”, not an education. Most students are distracted, less eager to learn, and disrespectful. Their lack of respect stems from a disinterest in any wisdom their educators long to impart to them. They are not wholly to blame, however. Society today praises...

02 13 2018

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