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A Primer on Lectio Divina

All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching… (2 Tim 3:16) As Catholics, and specifically Catholic men, we are often accused of not reading our Bibles.  Yet, there is a centuries-old practice within the Church called Lectio Divina which is intended to help Catholics delve more deeply into Holy Scripture.  This article will g...

10 27 2016

The Forgotten Solution to the Porn Problem: Part I

  Brothers, fathers, men, dudes: I cannot begin to tell you how many articles there are on fighting porn-addiction. Thankfully I probably don’t have to. If you’ve looked, you’ve seen them. Groups, Christian or otherwise, are flaring up like wildfire trying to provide aid and accountability. They offer journaling, web-filtering, ‘...

By Mr. Phelim Brady 10 18 2015

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