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Why Catholics Didn’t Go to Public School “Back Then” And Probably Shouldn’t Now

Catholic schools have been part of the American experience, possibly since 1606, when Franciscans landed with the explorers at St. Augustine, Florida, but not always this country’s public education.  And there’s a reason why. Prior to the mid-1800’s, there was no nationwide public education system in the United States. New England had a fai...

06 30 2019

Do You Want to be Educated?

Mr. Brian Jones There will be many of them soon, and only a few, in retrospect, will be worth listening to or reading. Of course, I am speaking of the college commencement address. Commencement speeches are delivered by individuals that a university has decided best imitates the school’s various missions. Only in rare instances does a commence...

05 19 2017

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