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Key Virtues in Overcoming Porn Use

Paul was very discouraged when he came in to his counseling session.  He had fallen again into pornography use and masturbation.  He felt he would never overcome this vice in spite of the progress he had made.  When he began recovery, he was viewing porn and masturbating daily.  Now he was falling into it about once a month.  His hopelessness ...

05 22 2019

What Makes an Accountability Partner?

In Proverbs 27:17 we read “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  I believe this refers to the value of support and accountability. In my work I with men struggling with pornography, I usually recommend they find accountability partners.  This is needed to help achieve and maintain healthy sobriety.  Many ask me who can be a suit...

02 17 2019

Core Beliefs in Addiction Recovery

For many men who struggle with pornography addiction, their actions can be fueled by unhealthy core beliefs.  Because of deep emotional wounds, often from childhood, they have adopted the following beliefs about themselves: I’m unworthy of being loved If people really knew me, they would reject me I can’t count on anyone, even God, ...

07 25 2018

Recovery from Porn Addiction: Grateful Living

Often people who are enslaved by pornography addiction only see the problems with their lives.  They are trapped in a cycle of negativity and pessimism.  They live with bitterness, resentment, and feel unworthy of receiving anything good in their lives, especially love.  In Alcoholics Anonymous this is called “stinking thinking.”  Overcomin...

12 04 2017

The Three Tiers of Addiction Recovery

People often ask me what the recovery process entails.  Especially when dealing with addiction to pornography, there is a desire to be able to recognize progress since it is such a difficult addiction.  I often describe recovery as a three-tiered process: sobriety, inner-healing, and transformation. Sobriety: Being sober means no longer usin...

10 03 2017

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