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The Priest I Seek

This morning I awoke (as did you) to the Memorial of St. John Vianney, patron of all priests. I’m reflecting on the priesthood today, and more specifically, on my time in the seminary a few years ago. I remember being told as a young seminarian time and time again: “Meet the people where they’re at” and “Be relatable” and other such ...

08 04 2017

Dear Father, Your Children Need the Truth about Sex

When I decided to become a Catholic I nervously approached a priest as he was coming out of the parish office.  I didn’t know any Catholics, but wanting in I thought I’d go to the father of the house.  He told me that since Vatican II it was not necessary for me to convert.  I didn’t know what Vatican II was, but when I went and read the d...

08 01 2017

When Father Leaves the Priesthood…

I always knew that priests left the priesthood, but I never knew priests who left the priesthood. And I always knew that the rationale for dealing with it was very simple: they got isolated and quit praying.  This is indeed true because priesthood is incomprehensible apart from prayer and communion.  Separated from these things, the coldness of...

By Fr. John Nepil 12 04 2015

Do Exorcism Movies Give Satan Too Much Credit?

Before arriving at the most exciting part of exorcism (theology) let's do some comparison of world religions (philosophy.)  A couple sentences should be enough for us to understand the differing views of good and evil.  In Eastern religions, like Taoism, evil and good are co-equal forces that balance each other in order to keep the universe in te...

By Fr. Dave Nix 10 09 2015

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