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Want to Be Holier? Meditate on Christ’s Words and Deeds Daily

A priest friend of mine says very regularly, “All of us are called to holiness.”  This is a constant call of his, showing up in nearly every sermon, a preaching of a main theme of Vatican Council II.  “Great.  We get it,” I said one day.  “Now tell us what to do.” Men (male and female) are body and soul.  We have a physicality t...

05 03 2018

Today is the Day to Run to The Cross

Recent history has seen the sad displacement of traditional Lenten fasting, which has been noted on this site.  Yet on this day, Good Friday, Catholics are bound to fast in accordance with the law under pains of mortal sin.  Even in an age of laxity, Good Friday stands in contradiction to our comforts and calls us to penance and remembrance. C...

03 29 2018

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