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Fathers: Homeschool or Not, Teach Your Kids Something

This article originally ran in Sword & Spade, a magazine for Catholic fathers, leaders, and mentors. There are few issues in our modern-day society that get me more wound up than education. My frustration doesn’t stem from us not being able to see the forest for the trees, rather that we couldn’t care less that there might be a forest bec...

06 13 2019

7 Thoughts About Homeschooling Through High School

Homeschooling was not part of my reality while I was growing up, but it is thankfully becoming more prevalent in many parts of our American society. When I first considered fatherhood, I never envisioned homeschooling my children, but now I cannot imagine my family without homeschooling. (I recognize that every family and every situation is differe...

04 16 2018

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