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Johnny, June and the Boy Who Knew

Advent has a bit of a surprise element to it, like all of salvation history.  People knew a Savior would come, that the God who saves would save.  But no one would have that that it was God Himself that would walk among us, not only taking our nature but ascending it with Him into heaven.  And it all began with a child in a womb. Johnny Cash se...

12 22 2019

Holy People Stand on Holy Ground

Photo: Courtesy stanleyrother.org The country church is red brick, its steeple a stout weathervane amid storms on the Oklahoma plains. In 1937, Stanley Rother was baptized as an infant beneath its roof in the village of Okarche. In 1981, Father Stanley Rother was killed by a death squad at Atitlán, Guatemala. Today, he is known as Blessed Stan...

07 14 2019

Jesus Wants to Heal You

Do you actually believe that Jesus wants to heal you? Or is that phrase simply some kind of pious sentiment. In the course of our lives we have all experienced suffering to one degree or another. However, when that suffering becomes prolonged and shows very few signs of progress, it is very easy to become disheartened and doubtful. In fact, it beco...

02 20 2019

The Newly Defined “Dark Ages” of Christian America

Recently Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of The Little House has been de-throned from a literary award due to some insensitive remarks about Native Americans in her books.  Many have commented well about the problem of reading history and literature from a strictly modern perspective, but the more interesting thing to me is that this is another examp...

08 06 2018

Work, Identity, and Christian Faith

Who am I? This is the persistent question of modern man. Many end up defining themselves by their work. Is this wise? Is this the best approach for Christian men? After many years of languishing on my endless reading list I finally got around to reading Josef Pieper’s modern classic, Leisure: the Basis of Culture. For those not familiar with t...

07 04 2018

Becoming a catholic Catholic: Uniting What We Keep Asunder

By catholic, with a lower case “c,” I mean a broad experience of the Church. Catholics can tend to huddle off into one particular corner of the Catholic experience and even judge everyone else who isn’t part of their particular group. We have inappropriate dichotomies between social justice and orthodox Catholics, as well as between tradit...

05 08 2018

Catholics Don’t Go to Mass Because Dad Doesn’t

Americans are not doing a very good job of observing the 3rd Commandment. Over the past 50 years, Sundays have been filled with youth sports, professional sports, shopping, work and just about everything else… except for Mass. In 1965, 55% of American Catholics attended Sunday Mass each weekend. Recent surveys show that only 23% of American Ca...

03 09 2018

5 Ways to Develop the Virtue of Magnanimity

Each and every one of us are called by Almighty God to be holy. We are called to be saints. To reach such sublime heights, one can say that we are called to be great. This greatness is what is referred to as the virtue of Magnanimity – which translates to ‘greatness of soul’. It was St. Thomas Aquinas who said, in his Summa Theologica, that m...

03 02 2018

Keep Your Chocolate this Lent. Give Up Your Heart.

“What are you giving up for Lent?”  We are often asked this question by fellow Catholics as the Lenten season approaches.  In response, many of us are tempted to hang our heads in shame, as we experience a rush of “Catholic guilt” come over us.  “Oh no!”, we think, “Lent is less than a week out and I haven’t decided what to ...

02 07 2018

A Marriage Creed: Professing and Defending Truth in a Time of Confusion

Listen to the audio version here! Creeds help us not only to understand what we believe, but also to profess it, strengthening our faith. One tenant of Catholic belief suffers attack more than any other right now: marriage and family life. Not only do people attack, both within and out of the Church, but many are just downright ignoring ...

01 24 2018

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