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Do the Difficult Thing Because It Is Difficult

Virtue, in its Greek root arete, means excellence. It is a perfection, especially a perfection of the human soul. It indicates a refinement of something that was previously of lesser quality. But now, through a process of overcoming difficulty through effort and struggle, the soul takes on a higher quality. It is elevated and excels others. It take...

03 17 2020

What Church People Can Learn from Elon Musk, Tesla, & Space X

I hate audiobooks. I consider my $149.50 Gold Membership to Amazon’s Audible one of the worst investments of the year. It’s not Audible; it’s me. Two things usually happen: the author will make some point in the introduction and then my mind will run. That’s great until I come back into orbit in chapter 3. That happens or I fall straigh...

02 06 2018

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