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Don’t Fight a Two-Front War with Sin

Let’s admit something: neither you nor I are as holy as we should be.  Our sins, sinful tendencies, and imperfections abound and attack us from all sides.  At the beginning of our conversion or return to the faith, it was easy to harness our great enthusiasm and zeal to fight off temptation from all sides and to feel like we were winning the sp...

05 26 2016

Penance – A Practical Guide

I have been thinking a great deal about my experience at Reconciliation this past Saturday. I felt an intense and unexplainable urge to go and confess my sins when I woke up that morning. I try to go every six weeks or so, but this was no routine visit to the priest for me. I needed to unburden myself of the numerous venial sins I had committed sin...

By Mr. Randy Hain 12 22 2015

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