By Tim Bennett’s Son, Fulton.  Age 3

My mom and sister took me out for a walk today. I really just started walking a few months ago, shortly before my third birthday, but I’m getting pretty fast. I had the best time visiting the chickens and pigs, and my big sister even let me snuggle with one of her rabbits. I can’t talk with any words that others understand, but I know some signs for my favorite things and I told my dad all about my adventure when I got back to the house.

A lot of people who don’t know me mistakenly think that I am a burden and that my life is less valuable than others. Huh?? I don’t want to brag, but I get to see more people smile and laugh than anyone else I know, so I must be doing something right. I have it on good authority that thousands of moms and dads kill children like me every year. That’s sad! Why? What are they afraid of knowing? Dad says that our society is going crazy, and maybe it is, but life is grand.

My dad is a decent man, but I’ve had to teach him a lot about some pretty basic stuff. He worries about being able to care for my mom and brothers and sisters. He stresses about paying bills. And he truly wants to be a good friend and neighbor to others. You see, my dad isn’t all that different from most men, he tries too much to control life, rather than maintain a focus on love. I have absolutely no control over my life, but I don’t worry about a thing because I figured out that simple, genuine love is the best strategy. It gets me through every day and everyone around me is all the better for it. (Don’t tell my dad, but he’s not really in control anyway, which is why I’m trying to get him to come around to my way of thinking.)

When he stops to think about it, my dad recognizes that love is the answer and that all saints and virtuous men have strength that is grounded in love. Dad knows other men who have seemingly figured it out and the curious difference between most of them and me is about 60 or 70 years. I’m not sure why some men never get it and others take most of a lifetime to crack the code, it’s not that difficult. Do they fear letting go of something or not having all of the answers? My dad favors logic, directness, and a steady hand on the helm, but he just hasn’t fully accepted that love only enhances those traits, and in no way diminishes them.

On my adventure yesterday, I shared life with my mom and sister. I walked out in front of them and showed them the way with a pure joy and love that inspired them to want to follow me. I told my dad all about it, so I hope he was listening.

By Fulton Bennett (if he could write)


    This is great. It reminds me of my 4 and 10 month old grandson Colin. He walks out front of everyone and kind of invites everyone to follow him. He has the trisomy 21 gene. Thank you for writing about Fulton.

  • PlanetJuggler

    Fulton trusts and loves his dad… and that’s enough for him. (And honestly, what child – “healthy and normal” or otherwise – ISN’T a burden much of the time?)
    God uses the “weak” and “simple” to confound the “mighty”.
    A child shall lead them.

    Thank you for being the voice of the voiceless.

  • Phil Alcoceli

    Great Little Fulton

    Great Little Fulton, your heart is lovely, wise and loving
    like the one in the holy Bishop of your same name.

    Great Little Fulton, intellectual intelligence is come hither and go away,
    but your love touches God directly, embraces Him and shines.

    Great Little Fulton, absolutely unique drop of God’s Pure Love,
    be our leader away from darkness and the collectivist massifying thieves,
    into the Light of the King of Real Love where Sacrificial Freedom, Peace and Joy reigns.

    Great Little Fulton, you proclaim the Only True Awesomness of God
    against the killers that pose as love, compassion and social justice,
    with the Joy that consumes hate and turns it to Life, laughs, Christian Faith and flowers.

    Great Little Fulton, thank you for being a True Prophet, a True Leader and a True Hero. With God and you we shall walk on this Earth and into the Heaven of Divine Truth.

  • Miguel Ramirez

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is the first thing that I read this morning and I will reflect on this throughout my day. It brought me to tears and I can’t help but think how the Holy Spirit is working through Fulton to remind us of what truly matters…..LOVE. Just so beautiful. God bless you Tim and Fulton and all of your loved ones.