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Characteristics of Pornography Addiction; Part 1

For those who struggle with pornography addiction, and their loved ones, successful recovery requires a basic understanding of the addiction.  There are eight characteristics of pornography addiction.  In each of the next four articles I will discuss two characteristics.  It is my hope that this information will encourage readers to study more about pornography addiction and recovery.

In order to discuss pornography addiction we must first define it.   Pornography addiction is a type of sexual addiction.  Although there are many definitions for sexual addiction, the one I like best was developed by Dr. Mark Laaser:  

According to Dr. Laaser there are eight characteristics of sexual addiction.  These can also be applied to pornography users.  The characteristics are:

  1. It is Unmanageable
  2. It Creates a Neurochemical Tolerance
  3. It is Degenerative and Progressive
  4. It has Negative and Destructive Consequences
  5. It is Used to Escape Negative Feelings
  6. It is Justified by the Concept of Entitlement
  7. It is Used as a Reward
  8. It Provides a Feeling of Power

In this, and each of the next three articles, I will discuss two characteristics.  Here I discuss the first two characteristics.

How has pornography use left your life unmanageable?

How has your use of pornography increased over time?

Tomorrow, I will focus on characteristics three and four:

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