First there were resignations by the Chilean bishops. Then there was Cardinal McCarrick and the revelation of the Pennsylvania grand jury report. And now we have allegations by Archbishop Vigano about Pope Francis. God’s People have been abused. We feel betrayed. The Body of Christ is hurting.

Catholics are asking themselves many questions. How could our shepherds do this to us? To the Church? Do they believe what they preach? If I cannot trust my priest, who can I trust? Why should I be Catholic? What do I say to my non-Catholic friends and family members?

Friends, we have been scandalized. We are in a state of shock. That is what the word “scandalized” means. To be shocked. We reject these scandals of sin, but salvation history tells us that God can use even the most horrid scandals for His greater good.

The Lord of the universe saved the world by becoming flesh to suffer torture and humiliation and be murdered by those he came to save. He was hung, naked on a Tree, before his Blessed Mother and the entire world. The Cross was a crime and the greatest scandal of all.

We, the adopted children of Almighty God, shall not run from scandal. We reject the crimes of men. However, we hold on tightly to the foot of the Cross knowing that from the most evil scandal of men, the murder of the Lamb of God, came another kind of scandal. The scandal of Love.

Now Jesus gazes into his Bride’s eyes, and He asks, “Do you also want to leave?” And we respond “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.” And so, the pilgrim people of God continue their journey of faith with neither walking stick, nor sack, nor food, nor money, not even a second tunic. We are sustained only by God’s Grace. For where sin increases, grace abounds the more.

Notes and Bibliography:

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  • If we can’t trust the priests, we may have to start trusting in God. Wouldn’t this be a change.

  • Dhaniele

    Already in the 1930’s, sister Faustina saw Jesus being scourged. He said that it was due to sins of impurity. She saw not just laymen, but also priests, bishops and high ecclesiastics scourging Jesus. To this, we could add what is written in the book To the priests, Our Lady’s beloved sons (Marian Movement of Priests). If anyone is surprised by what is happening in the Church, they should have read books like these, which also indicate how to remedy the situation rather than just talking about it. It is amazing how highly literate people in the Church are illiterate when it comes to writings like the ones I mentioned, which is a big reason why we are in the mess we are in.

    • steve j.

      agree. But we never had our shepherds telling us to go out and read such documents. I’ve heard a lot of corny jokes from the pulpit, but never once heard it suggested I read any of St. Faustina’s writings. And, when I cam into friends who informed me of the crisis that existed, I asked the priest, who told me I shouldn’t listen to “radicals”. I’m glad I finally figured out who I should believe!

  • Thomas Sharpe

    Widespread contraception leads, besides widespread abortion and divorce, like a bee line to the acceptance of homosexual acts.
    For years, I’ve struggled with priests who:
    – Deny that the Church Teaches the Truth. (“You don’t need to follow what the Church Teaches.)
    – Deny that (Marital, or any) Chasity is possible.
    – Are Afraid to say anything.
    – Are effeminate.

    • Phil Alcoceli

      Very well said, Mr. Sharpe! Men are the guardian of God’s Treasure in women and women are the Guardians of Life. Contraception destroys women’s dignity, destroys Life and turns women into generic sex objects that can be easily replaced by same gender people, surgically manufactured transgenders, underage teens, children, animals, battery operated devices, plastic dolls, and robots (now pushed here in the USA form leisure-loving Europe as a “remedy” to prostitution).

      The scandals in the Church are a privileged time to counterattack the False Sexual Revolution whose heinous, criminal, satanic face looks infinitely more graphic on the pure cloth of the Church than on the already infected swamp of today’s society. For all of you on social media, etc. please promote the book: “The Abolition of Women” by Fiorella Nash and the movie starting this next October 12: “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” (the abortion doctor who switched to killing live babies). Jesus turned around the scandal of the Cross into a condemnation of Satan and his children (Colossians 2:14-15). Let’s follow Him to the Cross and do the same!!