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Milo’s Right: That’s Why Catholics Go to Church

Milo Yiannopoulos is a self-proclaimed, and at this point empirically accomplished, provocateur. He managed to burn down UC Berkley without speaking one word. His recent CPAC invitation has prompted outrage after a "selectively edited" video surfaced in which he comments on relationships between post-pubescent boys and older men.  Milo is Briti...

02 20 2017

Facebook Makes Us Blind Pharisees

At creation God looked at man and said he was good.  And He is not done seeing us.  His beholding holds us in being.  Were it possible for Him to look away from us we would not become nothing, but return to nothing.  We came outward, out of nothingness, thanks to the emanating goodness of God.  We were created with an orientation away from not...

01 10 2017

Six Ways Not to Fight Temptation

After making the critical decision to follow Christ, it becomes clear to many men that the Christian life is a lot like sports: there’s a lot more that goes into perfecting one’s game than appears at first.  When a toddler is holding a football, his one task is just to get it into the hands of his dad standing a few feet away; however that hap...

08 08 2016

Getting to Heaven 1 % at a Time

What separates two teams when the goal of winning a title is at stake? When the two strongest and most talented players come face to face after a long and grueling season?  The victory will go to the team and the players who perform small but relevant actions just a little bit better, and consistently—slight improvements, focused on being ...

04 05 2016

Brothers: Quit the Comfort. Fight for Your Freedom.

The morning was gloomy with drizzle, my lungs stung from the effort I’d already put forth and there, in the distance, I could see the shadow of my goal… the flagpole in my neighbors yard. I had just begun the third round of my workout and there were only 50 meters left before I was able to turn around and head home for the final stretch. ...

03 23 2016

Penance – A Practical Guide

I have been thinking a great deal about my experience at Reconciliation this past Saturday. I felt an intense and unexplainable urge to go and confess my sins when I woke up that morning. I try to go every six weeks or so, but this was no routine visit to the priest for me. I needed to unburden myself of the numerous venial sins I had committed sin...

By Mr. Randy Hain 12 22 2015

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