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BOUNDARIES – 5 Tips to Maintain Chastity

It’s one thing to eliminate pornography from your life. It’s another to ensure that it doesn’t come back. Preventing future pornography use requires one to set clear boundaries. Having all Internet use monitored is one form of a boundary. There are many other boundaries that are helpful. To understand the importance of boundaries, we must fir...

By Dr. Peter Kleponis 10 31 2016

This Christmas: Become like St. Joseph – the Faithful Father

“It’s no mistake” I said to Mike, “that every Catholic church has an image of St. Joseph up front.” Mike had come for confession and counseling over his failures as a husband and father. He had got caught up in the trap of pornography and ambition. He made some bad, short cut decisions. Stress built up and workaholism began to bite. Mi...

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker 12 24 2015

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