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Media Consumption Affects Your Sexual Arousal, for Better or Worse

The media we consume does have an impact on us.  Advertisers influence us every day.  They determine what we wear, eat, drive, and even smell like.  Just look at the polyester leisure suits men wore in the 1970s (or take my word for it, they were bad) and you will see how strongly we can be influenced by advertisements and fashions. Pornograp...

01 09 2018

When A Little is Not Enough: How Porn Hijacks Your Brain

As with any addiction, a tolerance develops with pornography addiction.  More of the substance is needed to get the same effect.  Thus, soft porn becomes boring and no longer stimulating.  Here is where a man may move onto more hardcore forms of pornography, including pornography that depicts deviant and violent forms of sexuality.  He may also...

12 11 2017

The Sexual Utilitarian Philosophy Your Kids Learn

For many teenagers, pornography is their primary source of sex education.  This is because the sex education they are getting at home and/or in school is inadequate.  They may learn about puberty, conception and birth, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases, but they learn nothing about God’s plan for sexuality and healthy relationship...

12 06 2017

Recovery from Porn Addiction: Grateful Living

Often people who are enslaved by pornography addiction only see the problems with their lives.  They are trapped in a cycle of negativity and pessimism.  They live with bitterness, resentment, and feel unworthy of receiving anything good in their lives, especially love.  In Alcoholics Anonymous this is called “stinking thinking.”  Overcomin...

12 04 2017

How to Protect Your Kids from Porn

About six months ago, I was approached by a European publisher who wanted to publish my book, Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography, in Italian.  Naturally I was flattered and agreed to have the translated book published.  However, before moving forward with this project, I needed to update my book.  Ev...

11 07 2017

The Three Tiers of Addiction Recovery

People often ask me what the recovery process entails.  Especially when dealing with addiction to pornography, there is a desire to be able to recognize progress since it is such a difficult addiction.  I often describe recovery as a three-tiered process: sobriety, inner-healing, and transformation. Sobriety: Being sober means no longer usin...

10 03 2017

Breaking Addiction: Educate Yourself

  In this article, I continue discussing the seven points of the Integrity Starts Here! recovery program.  The next two points are 5) Spiritual Plan and 6) Education.  Here I provide a description for each of these points.   Spiritual Plan: A close intimate relationship with God is important for successful recovery.  Here is where ...

07 26 2017

Pornography Addiction Recovery: Integrity Starts Here

In this article, I begin to discuss the seven points of the Integrity Starts Here! recovery program.  The first two points are 1) Honesty, Self-knowledge, and Commitment; and 2) Purifying your Life.  Here I provide a description for each of these points.   Honesty, Self-knowledge and Commitment:  This point focuses on being honest with you...

07 12 2017

It Provides The Feeling of Power. It’s A Lie.

In this article, I discuss the seventh and eighth characteristics of pornography addiction. It is Used as a Reward.  Pornography addicts can also justify their pornography use by viewing it as a reward.  Whether they have been working hard in their career or around the house, they justify their pornography use as a reward for “a job well d...

06 27 2017

Update: Porn Is Still Terrible For You

In this article, I discuss the fifth and sixth characteristics of pornography addiction.   It is used to Escape Negative Feelings.  Here is where we often hear the term “self-medicating.”  Addicts often use pornography as a coping strategy to deal with deep emotional pain.  Often they don’t even realize the pain is there or th...

06 20 2017

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