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Money & the Digital Hijacking of Reality

I would like to recommend a book titled The Resurrection: Experience Life in the Risen Christ by Fabrice Hadjadj. It was given to me as a gift for Easter. I found it to be surprisingly insightful and unexpectedly joyful! With a great sense of humor, Hadjadj interprets the Gospel passages pertaining to the Resurrection. He brings a fresh perspective...

05 24 2016

How Do You Spell $ucce$$?

A client of mine sat in my office and complained about not being able to make ends meet. His purchase of an expensive home in a gated community had pushed his budget beyond the breaking point. He took personal responsibility: “I wanted to breathe the rarified air of material success. What I found was that the gate of my community locked me in, ra...

02 12 2016

Begin With a Noble End In Mind

One of the ways that the ancient philosophers used to demonstrate that money was not the source of happiness was to show that people were only happy when they spent it, that is, gave it away for something else that they wanted.  That rather simple and obvious fact made it clear that money was not the destination desired, but rather a point on the ...

By Mr. David Simpson 11 16 2015

Why Money is Not Evil, but the Prosperity Gospel is NOT the Gospel…

“Amen, I say to you, that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven” Matthew 19:23. If there is one thing that modern believers are most conflicted about, it would probably be the subject of wealth and money.  Two polar positions, both erroneous, seem to dominate the subject. The first, false position proposes that wealth ...

By Mr. David Simpson 10 23 2015

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