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How to Identify a Wise Mentor

Since you are not God, you are not self-sufficient in your being and require outside “input”.  You need a mentor as a guide, because you cannot guide yourself.  Everyone needs a mentor.  “A fool is ever right to his own thinking; the wise listen to advice” (Proverbs 12:15, Knox).  So, how do we find one? The word mentor is the name o...

02 13 2017

True Mentoring

A good father in his home is relatively easy to visualize and define: spend time with your kids, love them, and teach them what they need to be taught by their father. But what does a mentor do? How does he set out from ground zero, inspired to invest more of himself in the lives of the next generations? In Fraternus we teach the men a principle...

01 22 2016

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