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How Body & Soul Come Together in Christian Marriage

The modern world has fallen into a dualism of body and soul in many ways. Descartes, a founding father of modern philosophy described the soul as a “ghost in a machine.” It is only too easy to focus on the body in an animalistic fashion, focused on pleasure and gratification. The opposite extreme is to fall into emotionalism or even a spiritual...

08 08 2017

Friendship Love in a Relationship

Once a couple has developed a deep level of romantic love, they usually move onto friendship love.  This is also very important for a happy marriage.  Often when people who have been married for 50 years are interviewed, they are asked what is their secret to a long and happy marriage.  A common answer to that question is “I married my best fr...

05 31 2017

Romantic Love In a Relationship

Romantic love in a relationship is easy to identify.  It’s when a man and a woman meet and find themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually attracted to each other.  There is a “chemistry” there that cannot be explained.  The two just “click.”  In such a relationship, you find yourself wanting to spend more time with her.  You...

05 24 2017

What Does Love In A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Most men are called to be married, and want a healthy marital relationship.  So, what constitutes a healthy relationship.  To answer this question, many pop psychology books talk about good communication and respect for one another.  Others may talk about a healthy sex life.  I want to take a different approach and talk about love.  In fact, I...

05 15 2017

Why Beauty Hurts

I recently spent five days hiking in the Appalachian Mountains.  As a Midwesterner, mountains have always fascinated me – I grew up in the northern half of Indiana, which means that when anyone in any given town talks about “the hill,” everyone else knows precisely which hill is intended: there’s usually only one.  Often during our hikes,...

11 02 2016

The TRAUMA of Divorce and The Struggle of Pornography Addiction

When Chris came to me for help for his pornography addiction he sincerely wanted to uncover and resolve the root causes of his addiction.  He had read stories about people addicted to pornography and sex who as children had been abused, neglected, or were raised by alcoholics.  Because he had experienced none of these traumas in his life he could...

10 05 2016

Love Renounces

It was a quiet breakfast, as to be expected.  The invitation to ski up into the wilderness on New Years Day sounded like a good idea, in August.  Now was a moment of sober re-evaluation, accented by sub-zero temperatures, sleep deprivation, and a touch of influenza (a gift from the East Coasters).  Everyone ate in silence and pondered the sam...

03 21 2016

Suffering as a Path of Love

Lent begins early this year. We traditionally continue to celebrate Christmas by singing hymns in honor of the Nativity until the Feast of the Presentation (Purification of Mary) on February 2nd. Ash Wednesday follows a week and a day later. It makes me reflect on this short period of Ordinary Time in between our Lord’s Baptism and Lent. Is it li...

02 04 2016

Begin With a Noble End In Mind

One of the ways that the ancient philosophers used to demonstrate that money was not the source of happiness was to show that people were only happy when they spent it, that is, gave it away for something else that they wanted.  That rather simple and obvious fact made it clear that money was not the destination desired, but rather a point on the ...

By Mr. David Simpson 11 16 2015

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