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Five Things Worth Hearing About Leisure

What could a text written in Germany well over a half century ago possibly teach us about our contemporary lives? For Josef Pieper, “leisure” properly understood is not just “sitting around,” but is a disposition of the heart and mind to receive the reality of the world as it is given to us – to receive life as a gift. Pieper remind...

11 06 2017

Biblical and Practical Advice about Sadness

The Christian life is not easy.  We are a people called to perfection (Mt 5:48), but we achieve it ever so gradually.  We implore God for His grace and put forth much effort, but perfection always seems to escape us.  This often leads to discouragement, and even at times despair.  Unable to relate to the Psalmist—“But you, O Lord…are the ...

10 27 2017

The Problem Behind The Problem Of Video Games

The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.  The passions of anger and hate are actually aroused because you love something, and that something is being threatened.   This is the sense in the Gospels when Jesus says we must “hate” even father, mother, and so on for His sake.  This is not meant to say that we are to actively disdain ...

06 17 2017

Leisure: The Basis of Manliness

Jesus reveals that true manhood loses itself for the beloved.  But what if we don’t see others as exactly loveable, let alone “beloved”?  If you are having trouble really loving, perhaps you’re having trouble seeing.  We look at humanity and the humans that make it up (even those close to us) and see sin, error, ugliness – but God saw ...

12 12 2016

How the Christian Worldview Offers the Most Eloquent Response to the Question of the Human Heart…

I looked at the map. It was as incomprehensible as my handwriting. “Somehow from this series of lines, I have to make a decision that will dictate the success and safety of our trip.” I had to decide where we would backcountry ski that day. One wrong decision and we could be swept away by an avalanche. Or even worse – I could lead the grou...

01 12 2015

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