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Reclaiming the Catholic Worldview

The Gospel conquers, fulfills, and transforms all of reality.  Far from merely offering a path of moral conduct, Christ brings the fullness of truth and life.  Accepting him means becoming more fully human in every aspect of our being.  Therefore, conversion necessarily includes allowing the Gospel to touch and transform o...

09 18 2016

The Most Important Event of Your Life Is…

Every man is a student of history.  History is more than a mere repetition of names and dates, a catalog of inventions, facts, and figures.  History is not the death toll of a battle, nor is it the length of a ruler’s reign.  History is a story; a woven fabric of lives and events, of men and women doing what men and women do.  All of those as...

06 06 2016

Encountering the Humanity of Jesus Christ in the Easter Season

In the mid-fifth century, at the First Council of Ephesus (431 AD), and later at the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD), the early Church fathers outlined the orthodox belief in the hypostatic union, positing that “the properties of the Divine and the human nature [of Christ] might be acknowledged to remain in him without causing a division [so] as to...

04 26 2016

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