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Why Real Dad’s Are More Impressive Than Jason Bourne

I had a professor in college who came in to class after watching the first Jason Bourne movie. “My life is so boring when compared to Jason Bourne…” He was a dad of five small children, he lived in an uneventful quiet neighborhood, and he taught us Literature and Math. To him that was a boring life, or at least an uneventful one. At the time,...

01 26 2018

Do You Want to be Educated?

Mr. Brian Jones There will be many of them soon, and only a few, in retrospect, will be worth listening to or reading. Of course, I am speaking of the college commencement address. Commencement speeches are delivered by individuals that a university has decided best imitates the school’s various missions. Only in rare instances does a commence...

05 19 2017

Why You Need a Rule of Life & How to Make One

Very often I encounter Catholic men that desire to grow in holiness- whether this is to learn more about their faith, grow in prayer or tackle a serious sin in their life- but very often they are not sure exactly where to start. The challenge can be overwhelming (especially if we have been away from the faith for a while), and what we can see so...

By Fr. Branson Hipp 01 05 2017

Realize Your Potential! Control Your Passions

“A man who governs his passions is master of the world.  We must either command them, or be enslaved by them.” – St. Dominic I once fouled out of a basketball game in 8th grade and ended up in the bleachers during my protest before the whistle even finished blowing. That was me in 8th grade. You can imagine it didn’t get better any time...

01 02 2017

Technology, The Biology of Fatherhood and The Anti-Christ

Recently I saw a preview for a TV show about a band of geniuses saving the world with, ya know, facts and math and stuff. In one scene a divorced mother was explaining her desire to move closer to her son’s father. A lead character (one of the “geniuses”) thought it was a horrible idea.  The emotional mother explained that the boy should be ...

09 20 2016

The Mountains Are Calling, and I Must Go

There are few things more difficult for the climber than attempting to answer the question of why he climbs. Yet there are few things more intuitive for him than the need to do so. He remains a paradox to himself. What follows is an attempt to resolve the seeming contradiction of his existence. A climb is a response. It is an action in response...

08 18 2016

The Trap of “Man-Culture”

There is a great temptation in all of us to reduce all of our lives to a checklist. All I need is to get this or that set of things done, and then my life is complete. I will be a millionaire by the time I am 30. I am going to get married (or not get married) until my late twenties. I will retire by 55.  I know a whole lot of people that live by...

08 15 2016

The Long Run

The 20th century economist John Maynard Keynes famously wrote: “In the long run, we’re all dead.” The quip was meant in some ways as a tongue-in-cheek jab at those who did not share his views about the long-run effects of high government spending, and in context is a criticism of what Keynes perceived as flaws in his opponents’ thinking. Al...

08 01 2016

Don’t Fight a Two-Front War with Sin

Let’s admit something: neither you nor I are as holy as we should be.  Our sins, sinful tendencies, and imperfections abound and attack us from all sides.  At the beginning of our conversion or return to the faith, it was easy to harness our great enthusiasm and zeal to fight off temptation from all sides and to feel like we were winning the sp...

05 26 2016

The Gospel and Conscience

Recently over breakfast, two laymen here in the United States "came out of the closet" in their conversations with me. Actually, these were two totally different conversations. Neither man even knows each other. Both have been striving for chastity and faithfulness to the teachings of the Church for many years (which is why I put the above “close...

01 29 2016

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