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Where is God in Addiction Recovery?

People often wonder where God is when they struggle with an addiction.  Many of the men I work with who struggle with pornography addiction have prayed fervently for God to take it away.  However, they feel their prayers have fallen on deaf ears because they continue to struggle.  Some believe that God doesn’t even care about them.  They beli...

05 14 2016

Freedom from Pornography Addiction Is Possible! It Begins with Understanding Its Causes.

Pornography is a big problem in our society, particularly among young people. What many people don’t realize is how addictive pornography is.  We now have the neuroscience evidence to show us that pornography is an addictive substance.  Many experts call Internet pornography the new crack cocaine. So how is pornography addictive?  Well, whe...

04 14 2016

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