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Make FREE Donations by Smiling at Those Catholic Men

Those Catholic Men dream of a Church in which Her men are actively engaged! We want better husbands: husbands that love, affirm and cherish the gift of their wives. We want better fathers: fathers that mentor their sons and daughters into the fullness of the Christian life. We publish inspiring, principled and ad-free content to this end. We rea...

08 09 2016

The New Browser App that Donates to Those Catholic Men without You Paying a Dime

As a non-profit, Those Catholic Men continues to publish inspiring, principled and ad-free content and programming for Catholic men. We are proud that more than half of our following are Catholic millennial men between the ages of 18-34, a demographic often unengaged in the life of the contemporary Church. But, most millennials don't have spare cha...

08 02 2016

Why Giving Makes You Happy

Many people bemoan the “commercialization” of Christmas and, in fact, there are many abuses in the way the market and the masses treat the holy day. But is it not true that the basic reason people are willing to go along with this aberration is that they are still trying to do something good: giving to those they love? Today, I would like to co...

By Mr. David Simpson 12 16 2015

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