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It Provides The Feeling of Power. It’s A Lie.

In this article, I discuss the seventh and eighth characteristics of pornography addiction. It is Used as a Reward.  Pornography addicts can also justify their pornography use by viewing it as a reward.  Whether they have been working hard in their career or around the house, they justify their pornography use as a reward for “a job well d...

06 27 2017

This Is Your Invitation To Retreat On The Farm

This article is an invitation to St. Joseph’s Farm.  For now, this event is limited to Exodus 90 men, preferably groups of brothers that went through Exodus together.  Spots are open for Memorial Day weekend, May 26-29.  The cost is $280 and includes lodging and food alongside The Green River in Western, NC.   My wife and I began our littl...

05 09 2017

You Must Encounter Christ Immediately

You must encounter Christ immediately, but it doesn't have to be right away. As with all things, it should happen, and can only happen, in God's timing. Make sense? If not, allow me to explain. Consider this definition of "immediately": "without intervening medium or agent; concerning or affecting directly" (Dictionary.com, 2016).  By this defi...

04 27 2017

Matt Fradd Is Wrong

Recently I took to one of my favorite pastimes, sitting on my porch with a cigar, a hot cup of coffee and listening to a good podcast. As far as good podcasts go, you can’t do much better than Catholic Stuff You Should Know.  On top of that, the guest for the day was the accomplished apologist Matt Fradd. Matt came on the show to discuss our cul...

04 26 2017

Marriage Will Not Cure Your Lust

When I became a Christian in high school I got involved with the Protestant ministry that introduced me to Christ.  This led eventually to me being a “leader” in this ministry and helping to host camps for teenagers.  It was wildly formative as I was able to work alongside men, young and old, and learn how they did things, handled challenges,...

03 28 2017

A Lesson in Fraternity from Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Catholic men must regard as indispensable the need to gather together in fellowship with other men who profess our same creed.  To do so is not an option, except insofar as Christ affords us the freedom to choose to neglect this foundational aspect of Christian life.  The reason why we must gather together in fellowship with other Catholic men is...

03 16 2017

Start A Fraternus Chapter

Boys cannot become men without men.  Pope Pius XI once pointed out the fact that, especially during the formative years, the sexes should be separated: False and harmful to Christian education today is the so-called method of ‘co-education’… a deplorable confusion of ideas… The Creator has ordained and disposed perfect union of the sexes ...

02 08 2017

Realize Your Potential! Control Your Passions

“A man who governs his passions is master of the world.  We must either command them, or be enslaved by them.” – St. Dominic I once fouled out of a basketball game in 8th grade and ended up in the bleachers during my protest before the whistle even finished blowing. That was me in 8th grade. You can imagine it didn’t get better any time...

01 02 2017

Six Ways Not to Fight Temptation

After making the critical decision to follow Christ, it becomes clear to many men that the Christian life is a lot like sports: there’s a lot more that goes into perfecting one’s game than appears at first.  When a toddler is holding a football, his one task is just to get it into the hands of his dad standing a few feet away; however that hap...

08 08 2016

Spiritual Death

It begins when you start shivering. You feel more uncomfortable than you can ever remember. Cold penetrates all over your body. Never in your life can you remember feeling this cold and there is no escape from it. Very soon, you may begin to worry: the cold is incredible… and you begin to notice it is becoming hard to breath. Soon you are not ...

02 02 2016

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