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Three Secular Maxims for the “New Evangelization” Evangelist

It’s odd to me that the term “New Evangelization” has yet to catch real fire in the Catholic Church.  What I mean is that it has yet to become a common enough term that the vast majority of Catholics not only recognize it but that they also know what it means. In a nutshell, it carries forth the evangelical mission of the Second Vatican C...

02 17 2018

An Interview w/ the Resident Catholic Monarchist of the Daily Wire: Paul Bois

Mr. Paul Bois is the, self-described, resident Catholic monarchist at The Daily Wire. He is a frequent guest on The Michael Knowles Show, where the host has dubbed Mr. Bois with the modest title “Vox Dei”. Paul is a revert to the Roman Catholic Church and utilizes his studies and insight to introduce the wisdom of the Church in media and poli...

10 11 2017

3 Steps to Recover Your Life’s Narrative

At a meeting for spiritual direction with a Priest (Fr. Paul) who is a family friend, I opened up about a particularly distressing reality in my spiritual life—shared here for the sake of edification.  What I tried to communicate in spiritual direction was this: while I don’t necessary struggle frequently with sins involving grave matter, my i...

08 21 2017

An “Inch by Inch” Model of Conversion for the Ordinary Man

“The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” ― G.K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the World. One of the great dilemmas of parenting is knowing how to challenge a child with a goal without overwhelming him with the difficulties of the task. It seems this same difficulty persis...

01 13 2016

Why Adele’s “Hello” Brought Me to My Knees…

I had lost my interest in pop culture. It’s cheap, it’s short-lived, it’s flavor-of-the-week. “What’s here today is gone tomorrow.” There won’t be “classic” radio stations playing our music in 50 years… Further, being in “Churchy” environments all my life, I’m tired of Christians spinning secular songs and “d...

By Mr. John Henry 11 11 2015

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